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Can I submit via email?
  • We highly encourage the use of the Ads of the World campaign submission form. However, if for any reason you decide not to use it, you can still submit your work via email, as you always have. Here are the instructions on how to do that:

    Click to Email
    Total maximum attachment size: 20MB

    Image Guidelines
    For images please send jpegs of size appr. 2400x2400px or bigger. You can also send animated gifs if applicable. Send the whole campaign in one email (if possible) and zip up the jpegs.

    Movie and Audio guidelines
    Please send mp4 files up to 50MB, or YouTube / Vimeo links to videos posted by the brand or agency.

    Credit Format
    Please provide the following information with all submissions in Title Case:

    Advertised brand:
    Advert title(s):
    Headline and copy text (in English):
    Media (see available options below):
    Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country
    Agency website: http://
    Agency Twitter account: @
    Creative Director:
    Art Director:
    Additional credits:
    Published: Month, Year

    Media Types and Definitions
    Film - TV & Cinema Moving Image Advertising
    Print – Newspaper and Magazine Press Advertising
    Digital - Online, Mobile and In-Game Advertising
    Direct - Direct Marketing Advertising
    Outdoor - Out of Home Advertising
    Ambient - Advertising Placed In Unusual Settings
    Audio - Radio Advertising
    Content - Branded Entertainment
    Experiential - Real Life Interaction or Engagement Advertising
    Integrated - Multiple Media Campaign
    Design - Brand Identity and Graphic Design

    Student Work
    If you're an advertising student and would like to submit your work to our Student Ads section, please follow the guidelines above, and indicate that your work is student work in the email by providing the name, location, and website of the Advertising School, instead of the Ad Agency.
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